If the Shoe Fits

You may be wondering what type of shoes are best for running, walking, and hiking. Every foot (or set of feet) is different, so there are no absolute rules about shoes. I highly recommend shopping in person at a specialized running or outdoor adventure store where the sales people are trained in fitting you for shoes. These trained professionals can help you find the best shoe for your particular feet and needs. However, there are a few generalized tips I would like to share:

The Proof is in the Data

Fitness trackers are an easy, objective way to track your workouts. I say “objective” because perception has a lot to do with how much we think we are working out.  Lately, my trusted Garmin Fenix 6, whom I love dearly, has been quite snarky and judgmental. I have gotten back to my run routine andContinue reading “The Proof is in the Data”

60 Seconds to No Excuses

Think you are too old, too out of shape, or too “anything else” to work out? In 2019, CNN reported:  “I do pushups,” the 86-year-old [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] told an audience at Berkeley Law, adding that she planks, “both front and side,” as well as does weight-bearing exercises with her personal trainer. According to newsContinue reading “60 Seconds to No Excuses”

Walking Mistakes to Avoid for Weight Loss

Many people begin a walking routine with the goal of losing weight. Walking is a great low impact way to get and stay in shape. Below is an article by certified physical therapy assistant Marc Lindsay that outlines 10 walking mistakes to avoid if you want to lose weight and how to fix them.  IContinue reading “Walking Mistakes to Avoid for Weight Loss”

Every Step Counts!

I saw a post in a Facebook group for runners today that asked people for advice on how to stay motivated when they just do not feel like running. Guess what…there are lots of days even the best, most dedicated runners do not feel like running. Just like there are plenty of days that manyContinue reading “Every Step Counts!”

Eating for Energy

This past Thursday I was fortunate to be able to join REI’s online webinar featuring Scott Jurek. Scott Jurek is a living running legend. Among his numerous accomplishments, he won the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run a record 7 times in a row. He set the U.S. record for the 24-hour distance run by completingContinue reading “Eating for Energy”

Hydration & Heat-related Illness

Here in Sonoma County, we are expecting 7+ consecutive days of temperatures above 95 degrees. So, this seems like a good time to talk about hydration and heat-related illness. Did you know that the ideal percentage of water in the average woman’s body is 45-60%? And when you exercise regularly, your body stores more glycogen to fuelContinue reading “Hydration & Heat-related Illness”

When Time Stood Still

For almost a week, I was not sure I could get out bed because of the Garmin outage. I have become so used to Garmin telling me how far I went, at what speed, at what heart rate, how this activity has impacted my training, how my fitness level is progressing, how I am acclimating to heat and altitude conditions and so many other metrics that I literally stopped in my tracks.