Welcome 2022!

It’s a new year! A chance for a fresh start. I love it! Here’s hoping that this year brings you only the best. And here are some tips to help you stay healthy and motivated in the coming year: Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. It will set you up toContinue reading “Welcome 2022!”

What I’m Thankful For

Studies show that a gratitude practice can help improve your mood and help you feel happier. Even those who don’t practice gratitude regularly tend to count their blessings this time of year. I’ve received several emails on the topic of gratitude this week alone. What am I grateful for? My health, friends, family and (especiallyContinue reading “What I’m Thankful For”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The seasons are changing and hot chocolate weather is almost upon us.  In Lake Tahoe, the bears are getting ready to hibernate, but that is not what we humans are about. In fact, winter is an awesome time to get outside for a run, walk and hike. It is a quieter time when you canContinue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Calling All Zombies!

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming! Join WIM at the ZombieRunner Halloween 5K, 10K or Half Marathon. Walkers welcome! The course is flat and you will have plenty of time to finish regardless of your pace. No one walks alone! Come join us for this social community event near San Jose, CA on October 31st. CostumesContinue reading “Calling All Zombies!”

Get Fit Without Working Out

We’ve all heard that mindset matters and it does. When it come to getting fit, however, many people are conditioned to believe that the mindset we need is more motivation, more dedication and more workouts. However, IMHO, that is NOT the mindset that will get help you get fit. Rather, the mindset you should focusContinue reading “Get Fit Without Working Out”

Only 12 Weeks to Xmas!

Yes, my friends! We are 12 weeks away from Christmas! How are you getting ready? Do you have your shopping list? Are you unpacking the decorations?  How will you celebrate the Winter Solstice? But more importantly, how will you keep your fitness up? This is the time when many people abandon their fitness routine. IContinue reading “Only 12 Weeks to Xmas!”

Fall is Here!

Welcome to October! Fall is really here. As I mentioned last week, this is my favorite time of year. I grew up in Florida without seasons. During my first fall season in 1985 when I was starting college in Philadelphia, I fell in love with this time of year. For many people however, this timeContinue reading “Fall is Here!”

Pre-Workout Snacks to Keep You Going

What you eat before working out can drastically impact how you feel during and even after your workout. It’s important to give your body what it needs so that you are feeling your best. Since all of our bodies are different, the best way to figure out what works for you is through trial andContinue reading “Pre-Workout Snacks to Keep You Going”

Make the Most of Your Time

If you know me, you know I like to be very efficient with my time. After a long career in the high-tech industry, where time is EVERYTHING, I hate to waste even a minute of my day. (Note: self-care and resting my body and my mind do NOT count as wasted time—that’s an important andContinue reading “Make the Most of Your Time”

The Petition for Companionship

If (like me) you live alone, the last 18 months may have been very isolating. COVID rates are high—stay home, only leave the house when necessary, wear a mask in public. Then COVID rates went down. Great! Take off your mask, spend time with small groups of people, but don’t get too close to unvaccinatedContinue reading “The Petition for Companionship”