Get Fit Without Working Out

We’ve all heard that mindset matters and it does. When it come to getting fit, however, many people are conditioned to believe that the mindset we need is more motivation, more dedication and more workouts. However, IMHO, that is NOT the mindset that will get help you get fit. Rather, the mindset you should focus on is having more FUN. Yes, that’s right. All you need to do to get in shape is the HAVE FUN while moving, of course.  

Here are some ideas of fun ways to get in shape You even get extra points if you include your family, friends or significant other, because getting in shape together just adds to the FUN FACTOR.


An active date really gets your heart racing – in every sense. Not only will you be well on your way to hitting your 100% daily activity goal for that day, but you’ll also get to have a laugh with your loved one. Plus, your body will reward your efforts with a bunch of feel-good hormones, which will help you relax and enjoy yourself. 

If minigolf doesn’t sound like your idea of a date, you can opt for something active but more romantic. Try a bike ride along a river together, stopping for a picnic along the way. Or spend an afternoon wandering around a museum or park together. How about going dancing? You don’t have to be good at it…just enjoy the music and keep moving! After all, who said dates could only be dinner and movie?

Don’t have a significant other? That doesn’t have to stop you from making a date for active fun. This past Friday I met up with a wonderful group of ladies from my Petaluma Polka Dot Networking Group and we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge together. The weather was fabulous, the company was fabulous, and an amazing time was had by all. The lunch afterwards was even fabulous too! View photos here.


Think about all the pastimes kids enjoy – jumping on the trampoline, skipping rope, kicking a ball around, hula hooping, roller skating, riding a bike.  Imagine how fit you would be if you still did all those things.

Children know all the fun ways to get fit because they’re not doing it for their health. They’re doing it for pure enjoyment. So, if you have children in your life, why not join in with the fun and games? Whether you take them swimming or play a game of tag in the backyard, you’ll quickly add to your daily activity. It’s also great bonding time! Who doesn’t want to be the cool parent, aunt, mentor, or friend?


Tending to your garden will not only improve your landscaping, it will improve your mood and your body as well. One caveat, however: be mindful of how you bend, squat, and push so that you don’t end up hurting your back or shoulders. Treat gardening like any workout, do a gentle warm up beforehand, and then be mindful of how you engage your core muscles and place your feet while you’re active around the garden. As I say all the time, posture and form are everything!


You probably walk your dog around the block to do their business each day – but imagine how delighted they’d be if you went for a really long walk? A whole hour spent wandering around a park, romping through a field, or strolling along a river will undoubtedly make you their new best friend.

Not only is a daily walk vital to your dog’s health, but it’s important for yours as well. You can always find the time if you plan for it. If you are one of those people who has a hard time doing something for yourself, how about doing it for your best friend/family member? Not only will it help you hit 100% of your daily activity goal, but you’ll probably find it will become your favorite part of the day too.

You might think that your dog will slow you down on a long walk, especially with all the fun things to sniff and other puppies to say hello to. However, most dogs will walk very fast once they get going because they’re so excited to be out and about. Don’t be surprised if they’ll end up taking you for the walk. People I meet on our walks always laugh about how Lucy walks me around the neighborhood each day!


If you end up in back-to-back meetings most days, try to make time for an active chat. Grab some water, take a walk around the block, or head for the nearest park with your colleague. Not only will it get you away from the office and your various screens, but it will help you both get some fresh air – and probably some fresh ideas. The daily WIM Walks are based on this very premise. Network while moving!

Stanford University research has found that walking can increase creative thinking. So, while we sometimes need spreadsheets in front of us for certain meetings, we should take the chance to up our daily activity whenever we have the opportunity. Who doesn’t want to come up with brighter ideas – and spend more time out of the office on a nice day?

Walking also gives you perspective and increases your productivity more than sitting in the same room all day. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to bond a little more with your colleagues and build those working relationships that enhance our everyday lives. So, get out of the office and get active together.

Need more ideas on how to keep moving? Don’t forget to check out the 12 Weeks of Christmas Challenge for more ideas on how to stay fit as the seasons change. You can view Week 2 here.

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