60 Seconds to No Excuses

Think you are too old, too out of shape, or too “anything else” to work out? In 2019, CNN reported:

 “I do pushups,” the 86-year-old [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] told an audience at Berkeley Law, adding that she planks, “both front and side,” as well as does weight-bearing exercises with her personal trainer.

According to news articles, Ginsburg—may she rest in peace and may her memory be a blessing—did not let chemotherapy treatments stop her from working out, nor did she let gym closures during the shelter-in-place stop her from staying in shape. Think you are too busy to work out? If Ruth Bader Ginsburg can make time, you probably can too.

That brings us to the next question…exactly why type of workout should you do? Laura McKenna, founder of Strength & Shield Coaching, recently posted an article that answered this question with “whatever form of exercise you will keep doing”. In other words, do something you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you are more likely to keep doing it. In her words,

“What’s most important is that you are consistently moving your body, doing something that is aligned with your personal health and fitness goals, that you’ll actually do because you enjoy it.”

I could not agree more!  As you probably know from these emails, I enjoy walking, running and hiking because they do not require a lot of equipment and give me the opportunity to be out in nature, which is my happy place. But a lot of people tell me they do not have time (or, perhaps, the desire) to leave the house. That is totally OK! There are plenty of activities you can do at home (even in small spaces) that will keep your body moving. Yoga and stretching immediately come to mind, and these are great activities to help you deal with the stress on your body of sitting all day.  Body weight strength training also comes to mind. And again, you do not need a lot of space or special equipment. Next week, WIM Run the World will launch the 12 Weeks of Christmas Challenge. Yup, October 8th is only 12 short weeks away from Christmas. If you have not yet started your Christmas shopping, you may want to get on that. However, my goal is not to stress you out about your holiday to-do list. It is to encourage you to find a way to fit fitness into your routine, which I hope will help you relieve stress as the holidays approach.

Each week until Christmas, I will be sending a video of a new exercise that you can do in a small space, with no special equipment, in less than 60 seconds. Yes, that’s right, in less than 60 seconds! I would like to encourage you take a break from your computer (or the TV, or Christmas shopping, or whatever it is you happen to be doing) and get up and move for 60 seconds. What have you got to lose? And you may even learn some exercises you did not know before that you may enjoy and that may motivate you to get up and move around once a day, if not more. You have nothing to lose (except maybe 60 seconds) and everything to gain!

And in the meantime, if you would like to take a walk, run or hike with me (virtually), remember that we meet 6 days a week and you can find the schedule and get the zoom link here.  And by the way, if you would like to know more about RBG’s workout, you can check out the book by her personal trainer here.  

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