What to expect at our Virtual Workout?

Thanks so much for checking us out. Why should you join a virtual workout?

*Be safe! Someone is always with you

*Run/walk at the perfect pace for you and still stay with the group

*Get feedback on your form and tips to help you run easier and pain-free

*Get encouragement from new friends who share your interests and passions

*Have more fun!

We meet via Zoom, which is an app available for both Apple and Android phones, so look for it wherever you regularly download apps. I open up the call 5 minutes before we begin just in case people have technical issues with the Zoom app or the internet that need to be resolved before we get going. In order to get the link to our call, you can register here. Signing up is free, of course. You can find out the days/times we walk here.

We always start with a warm up. And then we take a 30 minute walk or run together. Since this is virtual, you can go at whatever pace makes you comfortable and you can not be left behind! Some people even call in from their treadmill. And as we walk, we chat. We encourage running and walking pain-free, so your running/walking form is important and I am always happy to answer any questions your may have. We also encourage everyone to do two more runs/walks during the rest of the week and before our next group meeting. So this is a great time to address any questions you may have thought of during those sessions as well. These sessions don’t have to be long, just something to keep your body used to moving. Consistency is the key. And by checking in with us on Mondays we will help you stay motivated and accountable. You can do this!

What should you bring to the meeting? 

*Your phone…so you can connect via zoom

*Proper running shoes (no dress shoes, flip flops, converse, keds, or vans!)*

*Clothing appropriate to your climate. Remember: cotton retains sweat, which will make you cold in the winter and hot in the summer. So you will want to wear something made of synthetic, wicking fabrics.

*A water bottle if you think you might get thirsty. If you don’t bring water, be sure to hydrate before the meeting.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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