Beat the Heat

Summer has definitely arrived! And, at least in California, it has arrived with a vengenance.

It looks like the heat is here to stay, so let’s get our walks, runs and hikes in earlier. Until the weather gets cooler, our virtual group walks will be held at

Mondays & Fridays 7am Pacific/10am Eastern
Wednesdays 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

Get the zoom link by filling out the contact form here

And be sure to keep these tips in mind throughout the summer:

☀️Start Early. It’s best to hike in the morning hours, when it is cooler.
☀️Hike with a Buddy. Never hike alone. It is always best to have a friend with you. Let someone know where you are going and your return time.
☀️Cover Up. Wear long sleeves to help shield your body from the sun. Wear a hat, preferably wide brimmed.
☀️Remember to apply sunscreen often, as recommended, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
☀️Stay Hydrated. Pack and drink a minimum of 1 liter of water per hour and drink often!
☀️Bring nutrition/food. Bring trail mix style packs, dried fruit or veggies and energy bars, chews, or gels.
☀️Remember to rest. Take frequent breaks and find shade so your body can cool down.
☀️Know the signs of heat related emergencies. Common signs are headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, and disorientation. If you experience any of these symptoms, turn back or call for help. Don’t hesitate to call 911.
☀️Take a cell phone/GPS. Make sure they are fully charged.
☀️Other Items to bring. Bring a map, first aid kit, flashlight, and additional water/electrolytes.

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