Lean In

Did you know that leaning from your ankles into your walk or run can make it feel easier? Why? Because you are using gravity to help move you forward. Don’t believe me? Give it a try:

Stand with your posture aligned by making sure you head is directly over your shoulders, your shoulders are directly over your hips, and your hips are directly over your ankles. Next, make sure your knees and toes are parallel with each other and pointing forward. Visualize a rod from the top of your head to the bottom of your ankles keeping you straight. Now bend at the ankles. Don’t break at the waist, but rather keep your entire body straight (keep visualizing the rod) and lean forward from your ankles. You will almost immediately fall forward and need to use one of your feet to stop the forward propulsion. That is the work of gravity. When your foot hits the ground, that is the first step…literally, you just took a step!

You can practice this technique against a wall. Stand a few feet from the wall and make sure your body is aligned (visualize the rod again to help you with the alignment). Stretch out your arms and put your hands on the wall as you lean forward from your ankles. Remember to keep your waist and hips aligned—do not break at the waist.  Imagine what a rod would look like leaning against a wall. Your body will form a triangle against the wall. Keep this position when walking and running and you should find that gravity will work in your favor. Gravity will pull your body weight forward putting less strain on your muscles and joints and allowing you to walk and run with less effort!  

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